April 21, 2011

UK: The Queen hands out Maundy money

LONDON / BBC News / UK News / April 21, 2011

The Queen distributed Maundy money to 85 men and 85 women.

The Queen has celebrated her 85th birthday by handing out Maundy money in a traditional royal service at Westminster Abbey.

The monarch handed out specially minted coins to deserving recipients in a ceremony dating from the Middle Ages.

Among the 170 people - 85 men and 85 women - who received Maundy money this year were 40 from the Isle of Man.

Buckingham Palace said it was the first time the Queen's birthday had fallen on Maundy Thursday.

One of this year's recipients was Dorothy Boyde, 75, who had never left the Isle of Man before. She told the BBC: "I wouldn't go for anything else. It's a big adventure." Another recipient, Henry Hely-Hutchinson, 85, from Chelsea - who was nominated for his voluntary work as a guide at the abbey - said he was "proud" to be part of the ancient ceremony

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