April 27, 2011

UK: Seniors have a ball ahead of Royal Wedding

SWINDON, Wiltshire, South England / This Is Wiltshire / News / April 27, 2011

Senior citizens get the wedding party started with celebration ahead of Kate and William’s big day

By Emma Dunn
A RIGHT royal knees up was in order for senior citizens who raised their glasses to Prince William and Kate Middleton yesterday.

Around 40 members of the Park South senior citizens’ club gathered for fish and chips and bingo in Park South Community Centre.

There was music, party poppers, flags and party hats to get everyone in the mood for the royal wedding on Friday.

Jean Ives, one of the organisers, said: “We had it early because this is the only day we have our meetings.

“A lot of people will have their own celebrations on Friday.

“Everyone has been excited about it and really looking forward to it. A lot of people brought their own hats and the tables looks great.

“It’s nice to celebrate the wedding and celebrate that things aren’t all so bad,” she said.

Among the revellers was Mae Turner, 83, of Walcot, who was wearing a red white and blue hat, cardigan and bag which she had knitted herself.

“It’s all good fun. I made this for the Queen’s jubilee, I got the idea then and I have just made more of it. Each year I just add a bit.

“I think everyone is interested in the wedding because they are part of our country – we have got to have someone to look up to.”

Mae remembers celebrating the wedding of Charles and Diana and said everyone was out in the streets.

Pictures of Prince William and Kate were plastered across the walls and the group enjoyed jelly and ice cream for pudding.

Pauline Johnson, 77, of Marlowe Avenue, said she was looking forward to celebrating on Friday and remembers Charles and Diana’s wedding when she was living in Eldene.

She said: “There were lots of people there, it was really nice but the weather wasn’t so warm.

“I think everything is different now.”

Beatrice Brown, 85, of Park North, said: “I’m a big fan of the royal family, we have been brought up with it.

“Everybody should be together at a time like this, it’s lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.

“I remember when the Queen got married, the Queen and I are the same age.

“This has a similar feeling and everyone is just as excited. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal, which is good.”

Doris Allen, 87, of Park South, and Ruby Frayling, 75, of Park North, said they were enjoying the festivities too and will be watching the wedding on television.

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