April 26, 2011

USA: Old Is an Attitude, Not an Age, These Myth Busters Prove


WASHINGTON / LeadingAge / Future of Aging / April 26, 2011

By Deborah Cloud
Vice president and senior editor, LeadingAge

In its 2011 MythBusters calendar, Cleveland’s Benjamin Rose Institute debunks common misperceptions about old age. The calendar features an 80-year-old community activist (Miss May), a 70-something author (Mr. June), a 90-year-old bookstore owner (Miss October), and other local personalities who are leading vibrant, decidedly not stagnant, lives.

Phyllis Seltzer, whose color-saturated paintings and prints are in collections all over the world, interviewed on her 82nd birthday at her studio on Cleveland 's West Side for the

Benjamin Rose Institute first published the calendar in 1998 to depict role models of successful aging and underscore the institute’s mission of advancing the health, independence and dignity of older adults. Since then, the calendar has become a popular fundraiser. There’s more to MythBusters than a calendar, however. Read the profiles of these inspiring, stereotype-defying seniors here.

The “MythBusters: Defying the Myths of Aging” calendar has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Benjamin Rose also sponsors a consumer column on successful aging that is published in Sun Newspapers. The series covers a range of topics of interest to older adults and those who care about them.

Source: Future of Aging