April 25, 2011

WORLD: Investing in Stocks for an Aging World

NEW YORK / BusinessWeek / Finance / April 25. 2011

Stocks for an Aging World
By Ben Steverman

When it comes to investing, there are few trends you can safely bet will endure. The demographics of aging are an exception: The United Nations estimates that there will be two billion people aged 60 or older by 2050, making up 22 percent of the world's population. That's up from 737 million—11 percent of the global number—in 2009.

The fastest-growing aging populations are located in more-developed countries, where older adults already make up 21 percent of the population, heading to 33 percent by 2050. A similar dynamic is unfolding in emerging market nations: China, with its strict efforts to limit population growth, is expected to contain 440 million adults 60 and over by 2050, up from 160 million in 2009.

Bloomberg Businessweek asked fund managers which of their stock holdings they expect will benefit from the world's aging process. Their choices range from utilities in Atlanta to financial services providers in Japan and on to pharmaceutical distributors in China.

Fund Managers identified Stock Holdings that will benefit from aging. BusinessWeek has detailed these fund managers and holding companies. Here Seniors World Chronicle identifies of these sectors.

Medical care
Medical Equipment - Health Care

Generic drugs

Nutritional foods

Hearing aids

Progressive eyeglass lenses


Insulin and diabetes treatment products

Financial Services / Insurance

Pharmaceuticals / Drugs

Baby and Adult Diapers

Health Care

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