May 1, 2011

INDIA: 60-year-old woman delivers twins in Karnal

CHANDIGARH / The Times of India / News / May 1, 2011

By Manveer Saini, Times News Network

Having suffered heartburns for being tagged as issueless throughout her youth, Jagdish Kaur, a 60-year-old widow now feels on the top of the world after delivering two healthy babies at a nursing home in Karnal. Kaur delivered a baby boy weighing 2.70 kg and a daughter weighing 2.50 kg from the sperms of her dead husband which were frozen an year and half ago, through IVF technique.

Dream Come True: Jagdish with her twins in Karnal on Saturday. Tribune photo: Ravi Kumar by courtesy of The Tribune

At her age, when women generally act as guide for the grandchildren, Kaur who hails from a remote village of Kurukshetra is now dreaming about the future prospects of her son and daughter.

It is not just Kaur, but also her gynecologist Prabhjot Kaur who is happy about the arrival of the twins when Kaur already had one unsuccessful pregnancy over the past two years and had complications after repeated miscarriages during her youth.

"It was a peculiar case of zona pellucida and the patient was suffering from hypertension and abnormal liver with a diseased uterus and damaged endmeterium. During her first pregnancy when she was young her baby died in the fourth month. This was followed by four miscarriages,'' Dr Kaur said.

"These births have come as miracles for me as well because she had miscarriage even during the treatment. At the same time she lost her husband. We changed the technique and used her husband's frozen sperms as a last attempt which proved to be successful on 27th April," the doctor added.

Though shy, Kaur could not hide her feelings after mothering the healthy twins. "I wish he was alive to see his next generation," she was heard saying this to the hospital staffs as well as relatives, said sources in the Guru Nanak Dev Hospital where she is being admitted with her new borns.

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