May 7, 2011

NEW ZEALAND: It's their sapphire anniversary

TARANAKI, North Island / Taranaki Daily News  / News / May 7, 2011

By Petra Finer

STILL IN LOVE: Roly and Myra Hughes are celebrating 65 years of marriage today.
Petra Finer/Taranaki Daily News

Roly and Myra Hughes will have some special guests at their 65 wedding anniversary celebrations today.

"We've been married 65 years and every member of our wedding party is still alive, I reckon that's the real achievement," Mrs Hughes, 87, said.

The Hughes are excited to be having dinner with some of the original wedding party and around 15 family members this evening to mark the occasion.

Mr Hughes has spoilt his wife with some understated and "classic" blue sapphires to mark the occasion.

Blue sapphires are considered the traditional gift for a 65-year anniversary.

"Time is funny, I don't know where it goes. I can't say I feel physically old," Mrs Hughes said.

The Hughes, who got together before World War II, and married soon after, kept their love alive by writing each other hundreds of letters.

"We kept them all," she said.

However, they came home one day to find their children sitting on the floor, going through the box, reading the letters aloud and laughing.

"We decided that was it," Mr Hughes, 90, said – so they "disposed" of the letters.

Mrs Hughes said "giving up" on each other had never been an option. Whenever the pair have had a dispute, they have talked and worked it out together.

"I don't think any of us would've [divorced] in the old days," Mrs Hughes said. "What I'd say, if you are in discontent with one another, talk it over and most times it can be resolved."

For now they agree they are happy living each day as it comes and looking forward to their 70th anniversary.

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