May 5, 2011

ROMANIA: Man, 83, dies while having sex with mistress, 70

BUCHAREST / Bucharest Herald / Events / May 5, 2011

Even old people want to have sex, even if this could prove a fatal experience. At 83, Nicolae Marculescu of Plescoi village, Buzau County learned this the tragic way, when he died in a hotel room in the arms of her 70 y.o. mistress. They used to have intercourse once a month, when the man received his pension.

It was a hotel maid, Dida, who found the body. She got alerted when she saw the old man’s female partner leaving the Bucegi hotel of Buzau in a hurry, and went to check the room.

“I noticed that the old man did not follow her, I gathered all my courage and entered the room. I found him naked, with a twisted mouth. I ran and told my colleagues what I saw,” said the maid.

According to the hotel staff, before going to the room the two lovers dined at the hotel’s restaurant.

“He was our customer. He paid 1 million RON for the room, then they had dinner. Later, Mr. Marculescu had vodka and then they went to the room... The old man was completely naked, disfigured by pain, perhaps, and with an erect penis. I think he took some stimulants,” said Ioana C.

The Ambulance medics that responded to the incident could do nothing for the old man, who had already passed away. The relatives of Nicolae Marculescu were completely shocked by the news. “He must have taken Viagra, that’s the only explanation,” said Costel B. a relative.

Source: Bucharest Herald