May 9, 2011

USA: Aging parents prefer living with daughters than sons

SACRAMENTO, California / The Sacramento Bee / May 9, 2011

By Anita Craemer
Aging parents think they can depend more on their daughters than their sons, according to the results of a new study commissioned by Senior Helpers, a national in-home care provider.

While almost 95 percent of older people would prefer to remain living independently, 70 percent of aging mothers - and 52 percent of aging dads - said that if they had to, they'd rather move in with a daughter than a son, according to the study. Meanwhile, 65 percent of mothers and almost 60 percent of fathers said their adult daughters would welcome their into their households if they needed care.

The best news? According to the research, an overwhelming number of older moms and dads alike - 80 percent -- said they had no doubt that their adult children would provide care for them just as they have for their own elders.

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Anita Craemer

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