July 13, 2011

NEW ZEALAND: After 14 years, 89-year-old steps down

WELLINGTON / Manawatu Standard / July 13, 2011

Senior citizens club president retires after long service

By Nicole Bennik

MILESTONE: Retiring Palmerston North Senior Citizens Club
president Doug Lind celebrated his 89th birthday playing
indoor bowls at the club. Robert Kitchin/Tribune

Good relationships with the members, excellent card games and hours of indoor bowls have meant a good reign for Palmerston North Senior Citizens Club president Doug Lind.

After 14 years as president, 89-year-old Mr Lind is stepping down from the position.

"It is sad to go," he said.

"I am happy to step down and let someone else take over, but I will miss the role."

Mr Lind has been a member of the club since 1981 when he joined as a 59-year-old.

CONCENTRATION: Senior citizens club member
Ada Christensen eyes up where she wants her bowl to go.
Robert Kitchin/Tribune

He said there have been highs and lows – but mainly highs – in that time and his greatest accomplishment was persuading the Palmerston North City Council to allow the club to keep their parks outside the building.

"They wanted us to park across the street, so I asked them `who here would take responsibility if there was an accident'?

"No-one put their hand up."

Seeing friendships form, laughs with friends and hours of games have also been highlights for the president.

There are 110 members in the club, all of whom he calls friends.

"I've had great respect from all the members which is a good thing."

One of his greatest supporters is his wife of 63 years, Phyllis Lind, who is a club committee member.

Mr Lind has had a lot of fun as both president and member and will continue in the role until a new president is elected.

"On the whole, I have had a good innings, there's no doubt about it."

He is leaving the role following advice from his doctor who said he needed to slow down.

After passing on his responsibilities, he is looking forward to being a regular club member.

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