September 30, 2011

JAPAN: ¥10 million 'for Tohoku' disaster victims left in lavatory

TOKYO, Japan / The Japan Times / News / September 30, 2011

SAITAMA (Kyodo) — A bag containing ¥10 million in cash was found in a lavatory at City Hall in Sakado, Saitama Prefecture, with a note saying the money should go to the people of the disaster-struck Tohoku region, officials said Thursday.

The municipal office said it plans to donate the money to the Japanese Red Cross Society if no one claims it within three months, the normal safekeeping period for found items.

A plastic shopping bag was found in a toilet for disabled people in Sakado city hall (AFP/File, Kazuhiro Nogi)

Stuffed with 10 bundles of 100 ¥10,000 notes, the plastic bag was found in the afternoon of Sept. 22 along with the unsigned handwritten note, the officials said.

"I'm moved by the valuable offer made by a citizen," Sakado Mayor Hitoshi Iri said. "I hope the donation will help the reconstruction in Tohoku."

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