September 23, 2011

PORTUGAL: Composer, producer, doctor and former congressman, Jose Niza was 73

LISBON, Portugal / / Obituary / September 23, 2011

José Niza, author of the song "Cross Your Heart," who passed away today at Santarem, had won four of the Festival RTP da Canção.

Co-founder in 1961 of the Light Orchestra Orfeon Académico de Coimbra - along with Jose Cid Proença de Carvalho, Rui Joaquim Clerk and Resurrection, he was also responsible, since 1971, the production editor Arnold Trinity Lda. (Discos Orfeu). (Orpheus Records).

José Antunes Nice Mendes, better known as José Niza, was also a doctor, producer and politician.

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