September 13, 2011

TURKEY: 121-year-old Turkish citizen Gaışhıkaan Sıhıkaan

NEW YORK, NY / Global Action on Aging / Newsletter / September 12, 2011

The latest edition of Global Action on Aging Newsletter has published this photograph with a caption:
Gaışhıkaan Sıhıkaan, the oldest woman of the world got Turkish citizenship at the age of 121. carried a news item on September 6, 2011 which said:

​​Sıhıkaan'a was born in 1890 in the town of Manisa Salihli and from Turkestan (also written as Turkistan), migrated to Turkey,  making a recording of the fact that birth certificate was given full citizenship after 58 years.

Her husband and children in Turkey epidemics in India lost their first country of asylum from Sıhıkaan, married since 1940 to avoid the same pain again.

Salihli district of Manisa, Turkey in 1953, settled after emigrating, since then, Sıhıkaan'a who live here alone without interruption, Salihli Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, provides support for 6 months Salihli Municipality and sensitive citizens living in the same street neighbor looking Arife Eken.


which is the main language of Kazakh Turkish-speaking Sıhıkaan, Kazakhstan immigrant himself told reporters through the sitter Arife Eken, the northern foothills of the Tien Shan Mountains Turkestan Erenkabırga in the Region In 1890 are born in, lived here until 1940, he said.

doing a marriage, 5 children, indicating that the Sıhıkaan, 1940, before his wife and children to Pakistan, if there is left to emigrate to India, the epidemic his wife and 5 children had died due to illness, said the city of Hyderabad in India.

Sıhıkaan, 13 more years left in this city, mainly inhabited by Turks in 1953, the Kazakh Salihli Liberation said the district settled.

In this age could have remained secret until the arrival of the nutrition and healthy Sıhıkaan that, throughout his life, kımızlı tea, meat, butter and boiling of meat consumed in the soup they call sorpa, he said.

Sıhıkaan, Turkey is happy but not forgotten never said that the main homeland.

Sıhıkaan'ın sitter Eken Arife the world's oldest woman''who''Sıhıkaan'ın care because they are sitting on the same street, said that 6 months he has to bear.

Sıhıkaan'ın material situation is not good, at home, which state that there are many missing Eken,''the moment when the refrigerator needs during the summer. Teyzeyle to sit on the same street foods and drinks that put their evimdeki fridge. Winter is approaching, but do not even have a stove,'' he said.

a U.S. citizen at the age of 115 Eunice Sanborn'un January 31, 2011 ' Following the death of another U.S. citizen, born August 26, 1896 ''Besse Cooper had obtained the title of''world's oldest woman. With the acquisition of birth registration has taken the title of this 121-year-old Sıhıkaan.

Gaışhıkaan Sıhıkaan, the oldest woman of the world got the Turkish citizenship at the age of 121.

She has been a widow since 1953.

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