October 4, 2011

UK: Why sneer at Anne Robinson for being stylish at 67?

LONDON, England / The Daily Mail / Femail / October 4, 2011

By Liz Jones

She has risen early and worked late into the night throughout her career. She has made sacrifices in regards to her health (alcoholism, probably due to stress), family (she lost custody of her child in a divorce), relationships, and, probably, friendships, too (you’d be amazed how many people turn on you once you have ‘made it’, especially if you are female).

And, as an older woman in the public eye, she can do no right — especially if she speaks her mind.

Of course, what most people want Anne Robinson — who is mouthy, working-class and 67 years old — to do is crawl into a dark cave, wearing an M&S cardigan over a Winceyette floral floor-length nightgown.

The fact she is immaculately groomed with a look that says, ‘Notice me! Get out of my way!’ seems to put the backs up of those who believe women should only ever be young, then sacrifice themselves on the altar of children and let themselves go in the manner of Caroline Quentin, only to be hit over the head with a shovel and buried in a remote field with a sign reading: ‘Here lies an old boot. Before she made us blind with her crepey skin and grey roots, we culled her.’

What is wrong with a woman looking assured and confident, spending her hard-earned money on a Bottega Veneta tote, which was £1,575 last time I slavered over it on Net-A-Porter?

Or £50 for an airbrush tan on legs that are, by the evidence of this photograph, fantastic! OK, the YSL shoes are a bit too high, but by the same token Jeremy Clarkson’s cars are a little too fast.

Her YSL jacket is butter soft, while her choice of Michael Kors for the dress is spot on: he designs deluxe clothes for grown-ups and has dressed Michelle Obama for her more formal occasions.

What is the point of being alive if we don’t enjoy ourselves?! We never publish photographs of Jaeger boss Harold Tillman arriving at a fashion show immaculately booted and suited in his chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce

The sleekest link: What is wrong with a woman like Anne Robinson looking assured and confident, spending her hard-earned money on a Bottega Veneta tote?

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