November 14, 2011

FIJI: Rising costs hit senior citizens

SUVA, Fiji / Fiji Broadcasting Corporation / November 14, 2011

Report by : Ritika Pratap

The Fiji Council of Social Services says the recent rise in the cost of living has affected senior citizens in many ways. Director Hassan Khan says not all senior citizens receive assistance from the government, and most who do - get a large amount deducted in taxes.

“There are a number of difficulties - due to the rise in the price of petrol, the dollar doesn’t go far because it has been de-valued, every senior citizen no matter what he or she buys they have to pay Vat of 15% plus all other taxes that add up to almost 30% - so whatever money they have it all goes out in taxes - so the compensation and the voucher - it does some help but on the whole it is only for those who are means tested but all the other are suffering.”

FCOSS is proposing a social pension scheme for all senior citizens as they have served the country in many ways.

He says a social pension is a powerful tool to help fight poverty.

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