December 21, 2011

AUSTRALIA: A Christmas Story For Aged Care

SYDNEY, New South Wales / Australian Ageing Agenda / December 21, 2011

A Christmas story for aged care
Twas coming up Christmas, and down at the House,
The PM was plotting and using her nous.
Looking ahead at her government’s plans,
Carefully thinking about the best hands;
To have round the table for budget, come May.
“Mark Butler’s essential, we mustn’t delay!”

The news was stupendous for those in aged care
And pretty much every stakeholder was there
To congratulate, welcome, express their delight,
For a strategy long overdue that was right.

Supporting the PC, we’d argued this way,
‘Whole of government’ thinking must win on the day.
After endless white papers, blueprints and reports,
At last there was hope for a future of sorts.

A future of seamless relations with health care
A wide range of choices and access more fair
Smart urban planning; progressive new laws
Here was the chance to bring sense to the fore.

No longer an outpost, the health system’s ‘problem’
Ageing’s now one of our policy fulcrums
An issue with so many clear implications
We wonder there’s been so much procrastination!

Now that we all know big business has heard;
Has joined in the chorus, is spreading the word.
Alongside providers, demographers, scholars;
‘Tis no more the lone voice of peak body wallahs.

And so we rejoice as we face a new year,
With Mark Butler in the Prime Minister’s ear;
Reluctance subsiding, awareness is growing;
Now we can see where all this might be going.

Will aged care reform be the great panacea?
To all of our problems, an Ave Maria?
With change ever constant, we must remain nimble
And not seek too much from one man with a dimple.

But all things considered, there’s much to rejoice in.
Clearer priorities, a much broader buy-in;
The dawning acknowledgement, all of this fuss,
No, not theoretical: ‘tis all about us!

Time now for a break, ‘ere we start the next stage
Gather fresh energy, turn over a page
The best is before us, the end now in sight.
Merry Christmas to all; may we all get it right.

May you all have a safe and happy Christmas and a well deserved rest.
We look forward to bringing you more news and commentary about the ageing agenda in 2012.

Keryn, Yasmin, Carmella and Steve.

  (L to R):  Carmella Rowsthorne, Yasmin Noone, Keryn Curtis and Stephen Easton.

All the very best from the team at Australian Ageing Agenda 
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