December 25, 2011

IRELAND: Cardinal's hope for a caring 2012

CORK, Ireland / BreakingNews / Ireland / December 25, 2011

Cardinal Sean Brady has said he hopes 2012 will bring a more caring and neighbourly society.

Celebrating Christmas Day Mass, the primate called for people to rediscover qualities of generosity in the face of recession.

Cardinal Sean Brady

“Deep down, I believe, we all yearn for the gentler, more compassionate, more forgiving society, the society that Christmas represents,” Cardinal Brady said.

“I believe we all long for a less stressful, less anxious, more thoughtful lifestyle than the frantic, grab-all-you-can lifestyle that demands so much time and energy today.”

Cardinal Brady told parishioners in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh, that he is praying for society to become more respectful.

“My hope and prayers for Ireland 2012 is that we become, once again, a more caring and neighbourly place, especially in these austere recessionary times,” he said.

“May we rediscover more clearly the spirit of generosity, reverence of the sacred, respect for creation, that have been our hallmark since the time of Saint Patrick."

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