December 24, 2011

UK: 250,000 elderly people will be spending their Christmas alone

Company: From left, Carly Pearce, Sarah Wall and Hayley Flood all members of the Military Choir
sing a song with resident Betty Pannell aged 85 at the Tyspane Care Home in Braunton, Devon
LONDON, England / The Daily Mail / News / December 24, 2011

By James Chapman
A quarter of a million over-75s will spend Christmas Day on their own, a survey has found.
Experts say family breakdown is fuelling an epidemic of loneliness in old age.
They warn that for many other elderly people, Christmas will mark their first meaningful contact with another human being this year.

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Isolation: A fact of life for many elderly people at Christmas
Upsetting: Over half those surveyed said the television was their main source of company
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