December 20, 2011

USA: Gift of $350M for Cornell’s new high-tech school on Roosevelt Island, New York City

NEW YORK, NY / The New York Times / Philanthropy / December 19, 2011

Photograph of Charles F. Feeney in 2007.  Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times
Charles F. Feeney, 80, a Cornell alumnus who made billions of dollars through Duty Free Shoppers, has spent much of the last three decades giving away his fortune through his foundation Atlantic Philanthropies. 

RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA reports in The New York Times today that Mr. Feeney has given a gift of $350 million for Cornell Tech School. 

Mr. Feeney, a native of Elizabeth, N.J., is known for his frugality — he flies coach, owns neither a home nor a car, and wears a $15 watch — as well as his philanthropic generosity, particularly to medical research.

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