May 26, 2012

AUSTRALIA: 104 years of great memories

TOOWOOMBA, South Queensland, AUSTRALIA / The Chronicle /  Active Ageing / May 26,2012

By Callum Bentley 

REACHING the ripe old age of 104-years-old is a milestone many people could not imagine - especially those who have been thrown off a horse and into a tree.

Rita Beauchamp celebrates turning 104-years-old at Lourdes Nursing Home
Rita Beauchamp reached the milestone recently and, according to her son Harry Beauchamp, she has quite a few stories to tell from her long and exciting life.

"She would always tell us of the time her and her brothers were riding their horses to school when they lived in Yuleba and instead decided to have a race," he said.

"It turns out that mum ended up coming off her horse and ended up stuck in a tree."

Mrs Beauchamp's frightful flight turned out to be the event which shaped her early adulthood.

"After that dad decided it would be best to send her to boarding school in Roma," Mr Beauchamp said.

"When she left school she came to Toowoomba in 1924 where she worked as a nurse at the Toowoomba Base Hospital."

Mrs Beauchamp remained in Toowoomba after falling in love with and marrying her husband James.

Mr Beauchamp said it was his mother's country upbringing which allowed her to live to such a remarkable age.

"They grew up eating anything they could grow themselves and she was always a hard worker," he said.

"Apart from a few minor ailments she's still quite well. She's just a bit worn out."

Mrs Beauchamp celebrated the day with friends at Lourdes Nursing Home.

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